3 Things to Know If You Plan on a Late Retirement

Retirement isn’t what it used to be: It’s typically longer and more active. Not everyone’s retirement will look the same, and not everyone’s has to. Maybe you’ll transition to part-time before fully retiring, or maybe you're looking forward to a second career doing something you love. 86% of Americans in their 50’s say they’ll work [...]

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What to Know Before Returning to Normal

The good news is that you survived the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, and the bad news is that it’s not quite over yet. For those who are returning to the workplace, restaurants, and socializing again, it’s an exciting time – but also a time that requires caution. Americans age 50 and older are considered [...]

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Are We Entering the Roaring 20’s Round 2?

While no one knows what this decade will bring, we might look to history for some insight. One hundred years ago, America was reeling from the Spanish Flu and uncertain economic prospects. At the time, many may have been pessimistic, but then we entered the Roaring 20’s. While there is much uncertainty now, we may [...]

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3 Questions a Financial Advisor Can Help You Answer

A 12 year-long bull market run recently came to a close, and many Americans have experienced the effects. For those nearing or in retirement, this can be especially worrisome. If you’re wondering what your course of action should be right now, you should consider your risk tolerance, where the market is heading, and how you [...]

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How To Stay Independent When You Have To Self-Quarantine

Even as life starts to return to normal for some, those 50 and over may be advised to limit contact with others to avoid catching COVID-19. This can be difficult when you or an older parent need something done around the house. Here are three ways to stay independent when you have to self-quarantine. Reduce [...]

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