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If you have assets, you have an estate. Nearly everyone needs an Estate Plan, we can help.

Y ou’ve worked your entire life to support your family and deserve the peace of mind that a comprehensive estate plan can give you. Effective estate management enables you to manage your affairs during your lifetime and control the future distribution of your assets. If you have assets that you plan to pass on to your heirs, don’t you want to take steps to guarantee that your family gets as much of your nest egg and Uncle Sam gets as little as possible? An effective estate strategy minimizes what the IRS gets and maximizes what your family keeps. But it takes planning.

Here at Premiere Retirement Planning and Wealth Management, we believe that everyone needs a trust or will, powers of attorney (POA), and/or other appropriate legal instruments to protect themselves and their families especially during times of incapacity or after death. Certified Estate Planners are on staff and have partnered with local document preparers, as well as estate planning attorneys to meet the needs of our clients and provide legal work as necessary.


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