How the Millionaire Next Door Can Approach Retirement Planning

Many of today's retirees are the wealthiest retirees of all time. Rising home values, strong market returns, and a generation of dedicated workers mean that there are more millionaires than ever. But, even if you have built a substantial nest egg, you may not feel like a millionaire and may be worried about how you'll [...]

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What’s Your 401(k) Game Plan?

If you’re nearing retirement, have retired, or recently left your company for any reason, you should create a 401(k) game plan. Know how your investment options can expand, how to avoid tax traps, and what you’ll do with any company stock in your 401(k). There are many options, and the right one depends on your [...]

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How a Financial Advisor Can Help You Pursue Tax-Smart Strategies

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but what about a tax-deductible lunch? While many of your income sources can be taxed, there are strategies to help minimize your overall tax burden before and in retirement. An advantage of going to one professional for all of your financial planning needs is that [...]

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How Will Social Security Respond to Higher Inflation?

Inflation is on the rise, and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently testified to Congress regarding the Federal Reserve’s commitment to controlling inflation. He admitted that inflation is “well above target” but didn’t indicate any major changes in Fed policy in the near future.[1] Retirees may need to be concerned about inflation, which can eat [...]

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